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What's on offer?

Reading and Writing in English

Is your child in need of a boost to their phonic knowledge to improve their reading and writing? Or do they just simply need to start from the beginning, learning all the sounds and graphemes? 

Weekly, small group sessions on phonics, building up early reading and writing will be coming in the autumn. Hopefully various locations in Tokyo will be available.

Creative Designers

We have rescheduled our design and art based program so you can unleash your creativity 22-26 October. Full creative description here

There will be an exhibition of work on the Friday evening for parents and family.

For students aged 8-12.


Watch for an Advanced Level Japanese enrichment program coming in the autumn. Develop your kanji reading and writing by learning language, History, Geography, Science and Maths in Japanese. For 6-11 year olds.

We will also be offering a GCSE syllabus based program for 11-14 year olds in the autumn. Come and re-inspire your Japanese study ready for your exams.