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Un après-midi en France - An afternoon in France

QUEST French Workshop series

Delighted to promote our new QUEST French Workshop series starting in January. Designed to inspire interest in France, French culture and French language, children will be cooking, eating, talking and playing together. We are excited to start with Gallette des Rois on January 26th. 

eVouchers are available for this event if you would like to gift a ticket to this event for your child. Please email for an eVoucher.

Spaces are limited so sign up quickly to secure your space.

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Parent Workshop: The UK School System

In January we will be offering a three hour parent session on the UK school system and how to access it. Topics will include:

  • how to choose schools
  • the admissions process 
  • how to ensure your children are prepared for entrance examinations,

QUEST TOKYO has invited a specialist speaker to present on this topic. Full details and sign up link coming soon.

What's on offer?

New Phonics Programs

Is your child in need of a boost to their phonic knowledge to improve their reading and writing? Or do they just simply need to start from the beginning, learning all the sounds and graphemes? 

Weekly, small group sessions on phonics now launching. 

Groups open for ages 5-7 and 8-11.

Two new Phonic Programs in Sangenjaya starting in December.  Similar programs will follow in Roppongi in January. Contact us for an information pack and a sign up link.

One-to-One Tutoring

We now have tutors specialising in English, Maths, Science, Japanese and Examination Preparation. 

Contact us for an initial consultation. We can tailor support specifically to your needs.


Watch for an Advanced Level Japanese enrichment program coming in the Spring. Develop your kanji reading and writing by learning language, History, Geography, Science and Maths in Japanese. For 6-11 year olds.

We will also be offering a GCSE syllabus based program for 11-14 year olds in the spring. Come and re-inspire your Japanese study ready for your exams.