COVID-19: Temporary move to online learning


From March 2020, as a temporary measure all QUEST TOKYO services will be offered online. 

We are committed to ensuring continuity of learning and enjoyment of study using online teaching tools.

Frankly, online learning is not our first choice of tool for teaching; we at QUEST TOKYO prefer to be face-to-face when working with children. In this situation, however, we have no choice so will work hard to get very good at effectively using technology, very quickly. We appreciate there may be some online learning fatigue from prolonged school closures; we will endeavour to be as flexible and creative as possible.

We believe this action is in the best interest of the health and safety of everyone in the QUEST TOKYO community and ensures we are prepared should a more prolonged government request to stay at home occur in the coming weeks.

These are challenging times for all small businesses, thank you for staying with us. 

Hopefully we will be through the worst of this situation soon.

Kirsten O’Connor

Ideas for learning at home

Parents, here are a few popular and publicly available resources:

Book Trust

Lots of picture story books to read and listen to together.

White Rose Maths Hub

Maths learning materials based on the English National Curriculum.

Science Sparks 

Fun experiments to carry out at home.


Learn how to code through this online coding software from MIT.

BBC Bitesize*

Learning modules on subjects across the English National Curriculum.


Free stories available for children to listen to, only available while schools are closed.


Children-appropriate news on a wide range of topics including and beyond COVID-19

Museums and galleries with virtual tours

Explore the world's art and treasures from home.

*may need VPN